How to Reduce Customer Support Friction

The number one goal to any customer support team for a roof replacement business is to always eliminate friction between a company and its customers. When you properly align your business goals with those of customer success, you can increase the impact you have on your customers and significantly reduce the amount of friction you can get from customers. Businesses should always work their level best to ensure they give the best customer service and go above to delight their customers. Customer surveys should be the order of the day to ensure customer demands and requests are fully met.

Here are some of the surest ways to reduce customer support friction and maximize on the growth of an organization.

Provide multiple channels for customers to access support

There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than them being forced to travel across one platform to another in need to access support services. If a customer is facing an issue and they are using a computer, it would make a lot of sense for them to contact support via email or live chat than having to pick up their phone and make a call. When businesses have multiple channels for customers to get the support they need, it can be a game changer. Add platforms such as live chat, social media as well as other places where customers are most likely found.

Make online purchases efficient

You need to make it easy to purchase and cancel orders online. Customers typically like to do as much as they can on their own. They appreciate independence and would rather spend valuable time fixing problems on their own as compared to speaking with support reps. You need to implement a simple online purchasing process that makes it easy to place, fulfill or cancel orders easily for your customers. Customers will always appreciate the option of being able to browse through products from the comfort of their homes. Ensure you can also implement one click process to purchase and fulfill orders.

Build a knowledge base

A knowledge base is an online database that includes a library of information about a specific company, its products, services as well as any related topics. This data can be collected and stored through artificial intelligence or even get to be manually uploaded by experts. Several companies have knowledge bases available on their websites and can be used by employees and customers. Knowledge bases are helpful as they eliminate the need for customers to contact support reps on simple issues.

Provide value through content

Everyone loves free content and your customers are no different. This believe is further proven by inbound marketing which includes three main aspects including attracting, engaging and delighting customers. If you can provide value at each step, you stand a better chance to turn strangers into visitors and leads, which can easily be converted to customers. Free content represents a great way to provide value for your customers at each stage of a business. Additionally, when building products and services, do so with customers in mind.

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