How to Gather and Use Customer Insights to Improve Experience

It is one thing for towing service businesses to claim to put customer first, but how to make decisions about what, when and how to sell products and service to customers becomes extremely hard if you don’t know what your customers want. In an attempt to become more focused on customer, an increasing number of companies and businesses are embracing the use of data to deliver better experiences for customers. Advances in big data technology has made this to be possible. Research has shown that data driven organizations are growing at an alarming rate. Big data has become an invaluable tool for creating value in business. It eliminates the reliance on gut feeling when making business decisions as organizations rely on analytics and feedback to make better conclusions.

Customer Insights

Customer insights refers to interpretations on qualitative and quantitative data that ate gathered from customer feedback and other informational sources. These sorts of data are compiled and analyzed to form business decisions. The goal is to identify behavioral trends with the aim of improving on the effectiveness of marketing, sales and other service initiatives. With a deeper understanding of customer psychology, preferences and behavior, businesses can resonate well with customers and serve them to the best way possible. All this is meant with the sole aim of improving on customer experience and driving revenue numbers up.

Here are some of the ways and methods you can use to gather customer insights.

Customer Feedback

Perhaps this is the easiest way to get customer insights. It simply involves asking your customers what they think on a particular subject. Getting questionnaires in front of your customers can lead to powerful take-aways that can be applied to improve on business decisions. You will need to overcome some challenges as this mode alone may not give you a full picture of true expectations. Some of your customers may be afraid or just unwilling to share their true opinion or fail to give the right feedback on the information you are looking for.

Customer Sentiment

When it comes to customer sentiment, there are methods such as Net Promoter Score and star rating that are very important than surveys. With these methods, you simply ask customers to rate how they feel about a certain product, service or experience. With the feedback you get, you can begin to measure customer satisfaction with any digital experience. These types of feedback are very effective when it comes to checking app performance, on page settings, among others. When testing a product or service online, you can interact with customers and record their feedback and sentiments.

Third Party Data

If you lack access to large amounts of customer feedback to make decisions from, you can draw vital insights from market research that is performed by larger organizations with wider audience. Being aware of customer trends in your industry can be vital in helping you understand the pains and problems your customers face and this can help you in crafting better campaigns, developing new products and services and basically serving customers better.

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